Water Damaged Phone Repair

What to do just after you have dunked your Mobile Phone

The Key thing is to get the Phone out of the water as quickly as possible and if it's still on switch it off!

Then remove the battery, the sim card and any other casing that you can easily remove.

Then soak up any water with an absorbent cloth. Once you have done this the best you can,  with a hair dryer, on a low heat setting and held at a couple of feet, give your mobile a blast. Try and force any water out of any ports - i.e. charging ports, Headphone jack etc.

Now it's important that you don't just switch the phone back on at this point as there could be liquid hiding inside the phone which is likely to cause further damage on powering the phone up.

Instead we suggest that you either drop it into Buzz Box or take advantage of our postal repair service. On receiving your liquid damaged phone,  we will strip the phone and then give it a nice bath in our Ultra Sonic Bath, which will carefully clean off any impurities it may have picked up. 

Once our engineers have dried if off and re-flowed it, they will then run though a series of diagnostics to find faults (if any).

It's worth remembering that a water damage phone may function normally for a while then stop working as the moisture in the phone corrodes the internals.

We Offer a Water Damage Repair Service for models from Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola and many more!