QA Testing

QA Testing in the Repair Centre

The QA process is the most important part of any repair centre. Without it, there is no certain way to control the quality of your technician's work / parts. With the best will in the world, people make mistakes so there needs to be a robust testing stage after repair to catch any defect. Returning a phone is annoying for everyone involved so we are constantly monitoring our QA procedures to minimize this. We offer a 3 month warranty so if faults do crop up after the device has been collected and it's related to our workmanship or parts, we will resolve these issues.

In Buzz Box we have integrated the QA testing into our core repair system. This means we record when a particular test has been passed or failed against every repair. On completion of the repair, these results are available so you can see what's been tested.

What do we test?

Basic tests include making and receiving a call; this tests the sim reader, mic, speaker and loud speaker as well as keypad / touchscreen but the other things we will test if applicable are second mics and speakers, the proximity sensor (this turns the screen off during calls so you don't get a hot head) and gyroscope.

It's also important that a device is charging well. This tests the charging port and the battery (this is very important after a water damage repair and normally they are left overnight to charge).

As well as the functional tests, devices are checked cosmetically - i.e. screens are fitted flush to the housing and no marks on any new parts etc.