Technology in education

Technology in education

I remember the good ol’ days of 2004, taking everything down in school with a pencil and paper, writing until my hand would cramp up and having the privilege of heading down to the IT Suite once a week and playing on Paint until my heart’s content. Alas, those days are gone, welcome to the world of Tech!

Nowadays in most schools, iPad’s, Tablets, Laptops and PC’s are the norm and are distributed like no tomorrow. Don’t get us wrong, I am not saying this isn’t a bad thing at all. I for one believe that it’s brilliant that the schools use these as a common learning tool. As the world moves forward in technology, the people that live in it need to as well. For instance, you could ask a 12-year-old how to set up your Wi-Fi router at home and they will be able to do it in no time at all, whereas it would take me several attempts, multiple Google searches and would end up with something broken and making a cup of tea instead.

However, moving on from my downfalls and onto the more important things, let’s look at the children of today. Growing up around so much technology and computer-works, things can get broken from time to time. This is where our Highly-Trained team at Buzz Box comes into play. We have Business Accounts available. Meaning if you are a company (or educational establishment) and own or have access to several devices, and one day one of your little scamps accidentally drops an iPad, you can view our prices in an instant for the repair, book it in with all your information already saved, and have at back as soon as possible. We’ve been around over 17 years now, repairing over 27,000 devices since, and have built up a good reputation and relationship with Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas of Leigh-on-Sea, Shoeburyness, Westcliff and others. We currently have partnerships with some great companies local to Southend-on-Sea and across the UK, such as NXET Trains who have said “We are most satisfied with the service provided by Buzz Box”. Along with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council who stated “The repair process was both expedient and complete and we were pleased with the service you provided”. We have also worked with some other great companies such as Wildfire, BSH Home Appliances and Ground Control to name a few. With our Business Accounts, we assure quality repairs of the highest standards, 3-Month Warranty, priority turnaround and outstanding Customer Service. To make things easier, rather than paying for each repair separately, we will compile a list and invoice you on a monthly basis to save you passing round the Credit Card or cash. Other benefits also include discounted power products, protective cases and cash back for 6+ repairs per month.

We believe that the Children are the most important members of our society, so to halt their learning by having a broken device isn’t great. It’s not just children who rely primarily on technology for learning, the same goes for College and University Students. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times we’ve had a student come into the shop, worried sick as they’ve just dropped their phone, cracked the screen and they’ve got an assignment due with all notes saved on their phones.

Some of the large tech companies are now starting to venture into more education based apps or products, backing the technology being used in schools. Just look at Apple and how they have now introduced Apple School Manager, a web-based portal where you can create logins for teachers and students and distribute learning tools such as textbooks and presentations, and being fully accessible from any Mac or PC with internet access. Of course, with this, comes security and Data Protection, however Apple seemed to have that sorted. You can also look at how Apple have essentially re-release the iPad Air 2, under the “new” name “iPad”. Selling it for a lower price than the previous version, and aiming it more towards education. Google are now starting to play a big part in the education system as well, with the introduction of Chromebooks. Being a small laptop, which is particularly easy to use makes it a great product for schools and further education. Furthermore, Microsoft appear to be playing their part in Technology used in Education, along with the Department of Education recently announcing that they are rolling out Microsoft Surface devices, possibly one of the most functionally effective devices on the market right now, to over 5,000+ employees to use in their place of work. We at Buzz Box are all for these decisions being made by the larger companies. It helps teach the children about technology and introducing it to them at a young age can be very important as we’re only going to advance from here on.

There has been some controversy however, over spending too much time in front of a screen, as opposed to going out and playing. As using them at school can encourage them to use them more at home, such as for Gaming, watching TV or contacting friends with apps like Whatsapp and Facebook etc. In my opinion, spending too much time in front of a screen can give you a bit of a headache at times, but it’s good to balance it out. Take a break every now and then, make yourself a bite to eat and spend a little time chatting to someone or physically doing something and all will be fine. We can understand where this is coming from, however it is so important to be using this technology for educational development and not falling behind with the extreme progression of technology itself. This question of balance between the virtual and real world has brought about apps that encourage you to head outside and move around such as Pokemon GO. The first few months of this popular game’s release encouraged so many people to get up and go outside to walk around and catch ‘em all (including myself!). It may have the high street mobbed with people staring at their phones, but at least they would be out in a group of friends, enjoying each other’s company, and making new friends in some cases, all because of one App that everybody had a common interest in.

On the subject of Applications, there are a wide range with huge educational benefits and educational apps are more abundantly available that ever before. With games, exercises and quizzes aimed at a wide range, from 1-year-olds, up to University Students and further education! With apps made by CBeebies, BBC, Duolingo and even DMV Theory Test Apps for learning to drive. There are a wide range of Apps available suitable for all ages, and I think that it is great that so much is readily available to download.

So to summarise, 12-year old are smarter than me, Technology is a brilliant learning tool for all ages, Pokemon GO is still a thing, and the world is evolving!